TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017! Bringing new titles from BLOCK QUEST series & renewed Dungeon of Gravestone!


It is third time Wonderland Kazakiri Inc. is taking part in TGS. On this occasion, TOKYO GAME SHOW 2017, we present you not one, not two, but three titles from our hit series! BQM – BLOCK QUEST MAKER; BLOCK QUEST Labyrinth and Secrets – for Nintendo 3DS and Dungeon of Gravestone with all new secrets and treasures to be unveiled. Encouraged by good reviews and opinions from our fans, we created BQM which gives rare opportunity of making your own dungeon and challenging players all around the world. With new traps, mechanisms and simple interface, one can create the maze that will test gaming realm.

BLOCK QUEST Labyrinth and Secrets is new project, a game for 3DS and is the enhanced version of already released BLOCK QUEST for smartphones. Created in an old style, pixelated way, game challenges players with all kinds of puzzles hidden all around the dungeon. There is nothing simple about this one. During the TGS 2017, one will be able to test Nintendo 3DS version at Wonderland Kazakiri Inc. booth. Visit us for more information.

Create whole new dungeons just with touch of your finger! Traps and mechanisms from our games are at your use, so design mazes no one has ever seen. Challenge players around the world!

Release date Coming Soon
Charge Freemium
Platform iOS7.1, Android4.4 and up
Language Japanese, English

BLOCK QUEST Labyrinth and Secrets summary
Find eight treasures and save the world! Over one hundred pixelated dungeons await you, but be careful, traps and enemies await you. You won’t solve puzzles so easily!

Release date 2018
Charge Pending
Platform New Nintendo 3DS
Language Japanese

Dungeon of Gravestone summary
Rogue-like dungeon RPG that has become a big hit with great fandom. Automatically generated dungeons, full of traps and puzzles will keep you busy and entertained. Just don’t forget about enemies lurking in the darkness.

Release date already released
Charge Freemium
Platform iOS7.1, Android4.0 and up
Language Japanese, English

Company overview

WONDERLAND KAZAKIRI INC. is a creative team specializing in producing digital contents, including games for promotional campaigns, digital signage, WEB and many more. In the field of smartphone games the company developed such titles like BlockQuest, Mister Tanaka’s Coin Pusher (with over milion downloads) and so forth.

Location: Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Kanda izumi-cho 1-11-11-2F
Founded: October 2nd, 2014
Representative: Representative director Kiyoshi Honda
Offered services: Web design, system production, digital contents creation